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Writing the Business Plan

As mentioned we submitted an entry to the InterTrade Ireland ALL ISLAND SEEDCORN COMPETITION today. This required a complete rewrite of our business plan which is not a lot of fun. One bit of advice I received a while back was to “design” it. Anyone who reviews business plans all day is only human and would prefer to be looking at something interesting instead of just pages of dry text. Being a designer I am embarrassed to say I never thought of it but it makes a lot of sense. So that’s what we did, try to make it visually appealing while also hopefully making business sense with the content. If it doesnt make business sense then we might manage and distract them from the fact :)

Business Plan

Anyway, the main purpose of this post is actually to link to a few bits of great advice that I found brilliant when writing it. Hopefully they might save you time and make life easier.

The Zen of Business Plans
A top class guide on writing a great business plan.
Guy Kawasaki is one of the worlds leading Venture Capitalists and has to look at Business plans every day.

The Art of the Executive Summary
Same guy with more detail on the Executive Summary part of the plan.

The World’s Shortest Marketing Plan
Kelly Odell’s ideal guide that is simple, easy to understand and wont let you go on for too long.

Presenting the Business
Slightly related, a guide on how to present the business when you get your foot in the door. Again from Guy.