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Spoiltchild Design

What we are working on.

We actually have three projects under development so here is a bit of an overview of what we are doing and how they fit together.

This is the original Idea and the one that requires some long term design, development and investment.
Pinstripe is a business management application designed to handle some of the right brain duties and allow designers to focus more of their time on the left brain stuff.
This has developed out of my own needs as a freelancer originally, to a small studio of designers. The design follows the less is more approach and will take over the duties of Basecode and plug nicely into 37 signals Basecamp.
Perhaps unusually it will be a desktop application and will be built in flash.
Which is why you see me advertising for a flash developer for the new year.

Current status: Business plan to be submitted this week for a small amount of funding. Screens designed.
Due date: Mid 2006

Not giving too much away at the moment. It’s a recent idea and an easy distraction from Pinstripe but too good to let go. Some hints here.

Users can create an account and edit and play with the system as much as they want for free. They only pay when they are happy and want to take the end result outside of the system.

Current status: Front end coded and previewed to a few to a good reaction. Currently recruiting a PHP developer for backend.
Due date: Christmas

Another web application. Easily to build and implement but the challenge with this one will be getting word to the people who need it. Typical users are spread very thinly around the globe in holiday destinations and are away from computers all day.
A lot of thought needs to go into this on how to market it.

Users of the system will be able to sign up for free and use it as a service for their own customers.
There is also the option of subscription for the ability to brand it as their own.

Customers of the Users are the ones who pay by choice and the revenues are split.

Current status: In the design stage. Currently recruiting a PHP developer for backend.
Due date: Next year.

  1. Looks intersting! Will stay tuned.

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