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What Spoiltchild did next

We hinted about our first product two weeks ago and we set a release date but we are not ready yet.

Tomasz, has finished the development and we have a fully working product. Initial tests of the system have gone great. A few changes have been needed when we sat down to actually use it but I would be worried if we sat down and thought it was perfect.
The tweaks are mostly simplifying a few aspects of the system and giving a bit more user feedback and pointers for what to do next.
I am really excited about this.

The current hold up is me. I have become the bottle neck in production. Development is being self funded so of course client work comes first. There has been a deluge of client work with no sign of it easing off. If anyone knows a very good and experienced web designer please let me know. They are badly needed.
What we are waiting on is some cosmetic work from me. It needs a base home page to sell the product as well as some work on the admin screen to get it looking like a professional product.
The value is in the details.

However I can tell you a little bit more about it :)

Weddings By Adam
An online wedding planner.

  1. Thanks for the update Alan – it will be worth the wait. Not that I am in the market for any kind of wedding services. At least not until the kids grow up!


    keith bohanna    Feb 1, 11:52 AM    #
  2. I’ll be interested to see how it is. I use to work in event planning in Beverly Hills, CA…and still work in the event industry.

    I’ve seen a couple attempts at this before, however kind of half assed.

    I hope yours will improve upon the past attempts.

    Brian Balfour    Feb 2, 03:26 PM    #
  3. You must be doing something wrong – you forgot to plaster ‘Web 2.0’ and Beta labels all over it :-)

    Paul Browne    Feb 17, 09:08 AM    #