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We have just gone viral

Technically a viral ad cannot be classed as viral until it actually starts reproducing in the wild but it looks like we have achieved it.

A little over a week ago we launched a flash game to tie in with the Sheepstealer Clothing brand. It is a simple game where you try and balance a Hurley and ball in the palm of your hand. We tried to make it as simple, fun and easy to share as possible in the hope it would go viral.

What we have done is the following:

  1. Made it a game to try and appeal to the target market.
  2. Made it as easy as possible to share with “Invite a friend”
  3. Provided the game as free content with various ways you can copy and paste the game or scores on to your own site.
  4. Made it a team game to encourage players to invite others for the sake of their county.
  5. And hopefully planned the game play so that it is very easy to start playing but with the right amount of difficulty as the game goes on to keep people challenged and interested.

It seems to be working. We mentioned it on about 3 or 4 forums and a couple of blogs and this week has seen the game begin to be mentioned organically by members on other forums.
Unique visitor stats are raising nicely by about 50 a day and they seem to be coming back for more.

Overall the game has racked up 8 million points and been played over 2000 times. Not bad for a week.

In terms of cost v return how has it worked out?
Well we got the game developed for less then an ad in a local paper. (we were owed a favour so got a good rate).
Traffic has increased by a factor of 6. In a little over a week it has brought in over 1000 of our key target market who have spent time interacting with our brand and site.
About half of that number then go on directly to the rest of the site. We are continuously tweaking the layout to see if we can increase that.
When the game is sent to a friend it is essentially a respected word of mouth referral.
People leave the site with a good experience of the brand.

What is great is when you have a few forums in different counties competing against each other.

I cant wait to see how it develops. It is a brilliant learning experience for me and great knowledge to have in the arsenal when helping a client in the design end of the business.

  1. Great Idea Alan!

    Paul O Mahony    Sep 11, 01:40 PM    #
  2. Thanks Paul

    Alan    Sep 11, 02:32 PM    #