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Spoiltchild Design

We have a name

After much brainstorming over the weekend we had enough. Yesterday evening we went for some food to give our brain a rest…

...where we promptly fell upon the name.

It developed from our name Spoiltchild and trying to get across the pure simplicity of the application. Diana recently joked in our Email newsletter that on our two year birthday celebrations we were still a SpoiltToddler.

Due to launch soon is TODDLE.
So easy anyone could use it.

We are not going to give the game away just yet but some little bits of information are:

Its a web based service and application.
It contains only 2 screens.
You have wanted something like this at least once in the last year.
That’s it for now :)
Now we have to find time to build an identity for it.

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[EDIT] Found this link today
Input two words that describe your product, it will then generate a variety of names based of your criteria and the smart bit is that it will then let you know if the domain for that name is available and allows you to purchase direct from them.
That’s great value Marketing.

  1. Show of hands—who else is building a password manager?
    Aristus    Nov 1, 06:42 PM    #
  2. Nameboy is great… nice one.
    Robin Blandford    Nov 1, 06:53 PM    #
  3. You’re such a tease Alan! Looking forward to seeing what this is all about. I think its time for an Irish version of TechCrunch to keep up with all these interesting new launches.

    Great name BTW.
    James Corbett    Nov 1, 07:10 PM    #
  4. That nameboy thing is pretty cool – pity it’s domain check is broken
    Michele    Nov 1, 10:44 PM    #
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