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We dont want your money.

Its a very late night of working, i am tired so it is very possible i am just not seeing it.
I received two renewal notices this week for a couple of .ie domains I own. After clicking the link provided i cant for the life of me find anywhere to hand over my money.
I am after spending 20 minutes clicking through every link and tab available and despite plenty of notices that renewal is due, no option to pay. I am going to have to ring their accounts tomorrow and pay over the phone.

A few suggestions:

  • If you are providing a link in your email for me to pay, have it go directly to a payment screen with my details and the domain details pre filled.
  • Is logging in to my account necessary at this stage? Only i got the email with the url for that domain and would i really pay for a domain that’s not mine?
  • If you really can only provide a url for the homepage put in a big image link with “Renew here” that will bring me to a payment screen.

I wonder how their renewals compare to the other hosting companies.

UPDATE: I guess they know about the problem. Their automatic reply from support contains a link to the renewal form.

  1. Seems to be common. GoDaddy sent me a set of mails telling me I had to update my ICANN registration. They did provide a link and follow-up instructions which bore no resemblance to where the link sent me. A week later they updated their site to actually send the link somewhere!

    Conor O'Neill    Oct 9, 08:23 AM    #