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Useless stats

It seems i have served 44,194 pages since sept 01 this year and 10,003 unique visitors.
I don’t know what that means but thought i would post it anyway. Is that a lot? a little for a portfolio site? Of course it also includes the blog and Basecode.

I have been loving Mint since i installed it.

I am watching these stats closely as i intend building the number for the site and this blog up to start a long term marketing plan leading up to the launch of the application Pinstripe. So i am watching what is working and not.

  1. Pageviews are meaningless by themselves. What’s a lot more interesting is referrals ie. how people got onto the site in the first place. That’s where you can really see how well you are doing.
    Michele    Oct 29, 04:03 PM    #