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Tuesday Push - The Toddle Experience Six Months On

Today Damien reviewed the progress of the Tuesday Push to date. It’s a really a fantastic concept not to be underestimated.

Toddle was a Pushee in August 2008. From our experience, it has been invaluable for feedback and driving users to Toddle. The support received form industry peers was another great benefit from participating.

From a sales and marketing perspective, it was wonderful to get a list of testimonials from users who really understood our product. Those same reviews and comments have lent a huge amount of weight to our business plan and business pitch; along with opening many doors for Toddle. All of these benefits were certainly a surprise at the time but like a great gift, they keep on giving.

The best thing about the Tuesday Push is its can do attitude, even more necessary today than it was six months ago.

So our advice, get your products up there and Push! You will be surprised where it may take you.