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Spoiltchild Design

Toddle screen shot

We are in testing mode at the moment on Toddle.
The back end is built and we are putting it through its paces and testing the results in various outlets. So far the results are great.
The delivery method we chose to use was always going to cause some problems. But this we felt would be offset by the shear simplicity of using the system. So far the problems have been much less then expected.

I am also working away on the interface and refining the styles.
Here is a preview of the home page. This page is the one and only sign up/register/login/find my account form on the entire site.

Toddle Email Newsletters

Oh and it does email newsletters :)

EDIT: Design too similar to crazyegg so it needs to be changed.

  1. Very nice. I recognise your inspiration ( :) Looking forward to finding out more about Toddle.

    Eoghan McCabe    Jun 30, 01:55 PM    #
  2. I was just about to post a note. I didnt realise how close to crazy egg it is. Feck! This will need to be changed.

    Alan    Jun 30, 01:58 PM    #
  3. You do know how to tease Alan :-)

    This will be a welcome addition to the various services in this space I am sure.


    Keith Bohanna    Jun 30, 03:21 PM    #
  4. I believe it will actually plug in nicely with what is out there.

    Alan    Jun 30, 03:23 PM    #
  5. We are flattered :-)

    It does look good, but if it looked less similar, that would be better of course…

    Hiten Shah    Jun 30, 05:02 PM    #
  6. Dont worry it will Hiten.

    I have been checking so often to see if you guys were live yet , it seems that my brain absorbed your design :)

    Alan    Jun 30, 05:06 PM    #