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Spoiltchild Design

Toddle is a Doddle

Toddle was featured in the Tuesday push a few weeks ago and we got some amazing feedback, both praise and constructive feedback. Thank you to everyone who took the time to check us out.
During the push our traffic more then doubled and sign ups jumped by 400 new users during the week.

A few of the nice things said:

Toddle is an elegant, easy-to-use and frankly disarmingly beautiful email marketing solution.
Alexia Golez

I like Toddles charge per design rather than charge per recipient. Email is for intensive purposes FREE. Charging people per recipient is counter-intuitive.
Robin Blandford

I would suggest Jason (Calacanis) takes a close look at this product.
It does what it says on the tin “Beautifully simple email newsletters”
Pat Phelan MAX Roam

Toddle makes it easy to create pretty HTML newsletters, using a nice interactive, easy to use web app. With 2 free credits, and a perfectly simple login barrier (all you need to enter is your email address!) there’s very few reasons not to try toddle.
Peel me a grape

My clients are mostly “normal” businesses so they are not interested/able/bothered about learning or using complex solutions to anything. fits the bill for those of them who want to send email newsletters.
Keith Bohanna

Fabulously simple and eminently usable.
Toddle isn’t for power users; it doesn’t have an address book (you send the newsletter from your email client), the templates are set and there is no scheduled sender mechanism. Toddle doesn’t need any of these nor should it ever complicate itself with further features.
Paul M. Watson

You don’t need to have any special skills to create an attractive email newsletter that you can send to your clients or prospects, as their intuitive interface does all the hard work for you.
Blacknight Solutions

The key to Toddle is that you don’t need to know anything about HTML to create stunning HTML newsletters. They use a very intuitive user interface so that non-technical people can create newsletters with their own logos/images and content in a matter of minutes, literally.
Cathal Garvey

Alan O’Rourke and his team of spoilt children are gonna get one hell of a push because their product Toddle is simply a textbook example of how online tools should be built. Photo Sharing

Toddle is an online application that allows you to send really good-looking email newsletters. Like little email Zoolanders.
Stewart Curry

The interface is clean, clear and great to use. I know a few businesses that have asked for email templates, I’ll be recommending they sign up to Toddle now!

Toddle’s design is simplicity at it’s best.
There are no complex or unnecessary features, which leaves the interface uncluttered.
David Kelly

From its one line registration process to hyperajaxified interface the whole interface smacks of Alan O’Rourke’s wonderful attention to detail.
Joe drumgoole, Putplace

Those in the know. Know to use Toddle. It actually manages to turn the whole process into a pleasure. And leaves you with the energy to put out some compelling content.
Niall Larkin, ReleventM

Toddle helps you build and send great looking email newsletters. Simple idea, amazingly simple way of designing them.
Damien Mulley