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Toddle end results

As Tomasz here edges closer to a coded release version of Toddle I have been working on some of the email newsletter designs that will be produced from it.
There will be a basic free version of Toddle and below is a sample of two of the email newsletters that can be output at the end of a simple bit of editing. As you can see i have used ourselves as a sample case so that i can work with some very real requirements and data.
This preview is image only but the coded versions have tested very nicely in all the major email clients and degrades gracefully when needed.

Toddle email newsletter template - GeneralToddle email newsletter template - t-shirts

  1. Really looking forward to seeing Toddle Alan – these look sweet. The testing and degrading are important details that is it is good to see you address here :-)


    keith bohanna    Nov 12, 12:44 PM    #
  2. The pages look gorgeous.
    Excellent stuff.

    Walter Higgins    Nov 13, 07:22 AM    #
  3. It looks very similar to campaign monitor ( and mail build (

    Are there any differences between toddle and the above?

    CD    Nov 21, 07:15 PM    #
  4. At the moment they are two simple email newsletter designs :)

    Alan    Nov 21, 10:31 PM    #