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To present or not to present?

A few bloggers are organising a Tech Blogger Meetup in Dublin before the blogger awards on 11th March. They are considering a few 15 minute presentations and I am looking forward to hearing some of the speakers.
As I am going along to it and the awards I feel like I should present something but to be honest I am not sure what.

So I put it to you. If I did present, what would you want to hear?

  1. Greg Storey did a step by step story on how he designed ma.gnol.ia ( ) perhaps something similar for how you redesigned ? Me – I find this stuff fascinating but I may be in a minority.

    walter    Mar 1, 01:29 PM    #
  2. I would be interested in your evolution in the use of your blog and what changes, if any, it has made to how open you are with sharing elements of your business approach – which traditionally in Ireland has been something that has had to be beaten out of entrepreneurs in the early stages :-)


    keith bohanna    Mar 1, 01:33 PM    #
  3. I am not sure it has made any changes. Apart from improving my writing and communication. I have always been a bit too open about things but at the same time maybe not open enough.

    I tried to be open about business practices while part of the Designers Guild and as a lot of people will tell you, get me in a pub over a pint i will open up the business for you (within reason of course :).

    Alan    Mar 1, 01:47 PM    #
  4. That makes it a short presentation then Alan :-)

    keith bohanna    Mar 1, 02:15 PM    #
  5. Could you decide on a topic and then plan to present it as a conversation where you’re joined by a podcaster with a mic?

    Bernie Goldbach    Mar 1, 02:24 PM    #
  6. Maybe you could present on how new technologys are effecting blogs e.g. AJAX and the likes. This link might help help you brush up on your presentation skills star wars style!:)

    Ed    Mar 3, 11:42 AM    #
  7. Bernie, i was thinking something a little more visual.

    Great images Ed :)

    Nothing has come to mind and time is running out so i will leave it for this one guys. Will still be there to see everyone else.

    Alan    Mar 7, 05:49 PM    #