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Things I resolve to do today

It all started with a post from Jessica Mannering on Facebook the other day, “25 things” to be exact. Now it was my turn to write something. So I wrote 25 things about me and sent it round to friends. Then I realsied that there were other things I had resolved to do but had not got around to them. The first was to blog regularly and the second was to use more.

Yes, Marcus you are right. There is not enough activity on my account. What is the point of having this fantastic resource at my fingertips if I never get around to uploading my pictures? So last night I took out an old friend, my trusty SLR (non-digital I might add). We had not met in quite some time and it was a great feeling to be reacquainted with a passion of mine.

All this talk of recession, negative climate, negative equity, negative prospects, bad vibes and fear thrives when people do nothing and procrastinate.

So if like me and you have good intentions get out there and do something. Use or try out all the fantastic services and applications out there like and IGOpeople. Why? Because all of them were conceived, developed and delivered into the world by people with passion, flair and creativity. Which leads me back to the 25 things I spoke about earlier, I really admire people who take a risk. No room for good intentions, just action.


  1. right on Mary!! stick it to man :) great post. upbeat. relevant and a hell of a lot better than listening to those eejits in the Oireachtas [you listening Enda???!].

    I like this post!

    peter donegan    Jan 28, 08:15 PM    #