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There is a light

Finally digging myself out of the avalanche of work I have been buried under recently. Things are finally getting moving with WeddingsByAdam again and it also means I have a few nice recent projects to talk about. It seems a shame to lump them all in the same post so I will give them each the attention they deserve.

  1. You are teasing again Alan – I saw the first piece in Sharp Reader and assumed that a Pinstripe click would reveal the rest.

    But that’s it. All of it. Maybe you cut the rest out by mistake ?!


    keith bohanna    Feb 17, 09:40 PM    #
  2. Sorry Keith. Not my intention this time just a slow typist :)

    Alan    Feb 17, 09:51 PM    #
  3. Haha, a lot of posts today Alan :)

    David Barrett    Feb 17, 10:51 PM    #
  4. I think he’s playing catchup :)

    Michele    Feb 18, 12:37 AM    #
  5. Alan, you might want to increase the number of entrys in your RSS feed, five is not enough if you continue to be this productive :p

    Ed    Feb 22, 09:38 AM    #