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The sheepstealers press release

This is the intended press release for the national papers. It is customised slightly for each of the regional papers.It will be sent in with 3 accompanying photos in the style of the ones you have seen in the last post. If you can see any way to improve it please let me know :)

Support… Just don’t be a sheep!

Just because you live and breath the game doesn’t mean you have to look like everyone else.

For all discerning GAA fans out there comes a funky range of designer T-shirts from Sheepstealer Clothing, an alternative to the classic jersey for the fashion conscious. With a trendy range of T’s for men and women, these shirts are sure to please and even raise a smile or two amongst the greatest of adversaries.

Hurling & football followers will enjoy their county colours emblazoned with characters, witty puns and snippets of heraldry.
These designs and some limited edition T-Shirts are available exclusively online at

So if you are after a genuinely unique way to show your loyalty Sheepstealer clothing is for you.

About Sheepstealer Clothing
Sheepstealer Clothing is the brain child of Bafta Nominated Design Studio Spoiltchild Design. Not being a fan of the limited choices when it comes to what to wear at a GAA match they set out on a mission to redesign the support gear for every county in the country. was launched in March of this year with great feedback and support from the fans. Designs are updated often and new counties are added every week.

For additional information or a sample copy, Contact:
Alan O’Rourke
Sheepstealer Clothing
118 Bryanstown Manor,
Dublin Road.
Co. Louth.

041 9847106
086 4034999

  1. Something I’ve wondered about Sheepstealers… did you need to get clearance from the GAA to do it?

    David Barrett    May 1, 08:57 PM    #
  2. No. It uses none of the GAA properties.

    Alan    May 1, 09:05 PM    #
  3. Cool.

    David Barrett    May 1, 09:15 PM    #
  4. How do press releases work? Do you just post / fax / mail them to the papers?

    Here’s just my two cents:

    I think you’re missing one (possibly two) commas. It’s no big deal, but if I were you I’d pop a comma in the following sentence like so:

    “So if you are after a genuinely unique way to show your loyalty, Sheepstealer clothing is for you.”

    The other one is debatable (see extra comma, plus brain-child is hyphenated according to the OED):

    “Sheepstealer Clothing is the brain-child of Bafta Nominated Design Studio, Spoiltchild Design.”

    If you have time to spare, and if you’re interested, I’ll send it on to an English student friend of mine who’s a proper grammar wiz. Let me know.

    Could you also get away with just saying “” (without the “www”)? It’d probably lighten the load of the piece.

    Eoghan McCabe    May 1, 09:49 PM    #
  5. I organised and self PR’d a national charity effort after the tsunami last year and had to do a lot of press releases. In nearly every case the national papers ignored press releases unless they were of obvious interest and/or are followed up with a phone call (they only read mine because the Red Cross sent them too). Most papers filter all releases through a lacky working the inbox – they don’t even read most. To be honest I think that the current release will have a very hard time getting a mention in the papers.

    You have to think of it from the reporters point of view – they need stories to fill the space but they’re not going to give up what amounts to a free ad. You’d be better of coming at it from an angle – try and get it in the IT section by telling them about how you setup the site (or talk about blogging). You could try and promote the funnier ones in Sports pages – try and think of a headline and then work the release around that. Or get someone to ring up and complain about one of your t-shirts would be great too!. Basically help the reporter write a story not an ad. Reporters will steal whole chunks of the releases that they use so get them right, also they love quotes too – “Mary from Down said….”

    good luck!

    Des Field Corbett    May 2, 12:26 PM    #