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The sheepstealers press release V2

After the great feedback and advice I received from version 1 of the Sheepstealers press release I have re written it, with the help of Mary, into what I hope is a much clearer and stronger piece. Let me know what you think. ( Thanks to all who helped with the last release).

Sheepstealer Clothing launch designer GAA support t-shirts

What it is.
Sheepstealer Clothing is a new range of designer GAA support t-shirts which brings some trendy style to the stands.

The story.

A friendly rivalry between husband and wife has spawned a new range of designer GAA t-shirts.

Many couples who settle down together are often from different counties and rarely are old rivalries forgotten when it comes to Gaelic games. Sometimes love does not conquer all especially when supporting the home team.

Says Mary: “One couple I have heard of make a round trip of 250 miles from Limerick to Croke Park in total silence when their respective counties meet. In our case the rivalry led to jerseys being banned in the house during the Sunday Game”

As an act of defiance Alan decided to use his skills from his day job running Spoiltchild Design Studio to design a limited edition t-shirt for his beloved Royal County. Not to be outdone in the style stakes his partner Mary insisted on a design suitable for the Rossies. And then the requests came flooding in.
“We decided we were on to something here” says Alan “when I had designed t-shirts for ten counties for friends and family and the orders kept coming”. As a bow to his other half Sheepstealer Clothing ( was born. Now that ‘s teamwork!

Where are they available.
A range of shapes, sizes and designs are available online at

About Sheepstealer Clothing
Sheepstealer Clothing is the brain child of Bafta Nominated Design Studio, Spoiltchild Design. Not being a fan of the limited choices when it comes to what to wear at a GAA match they set out on a mission to redesign the support gear for every county in the country. was launched in March of this year with great feedback and support from the fans. Designs are updated often and new counties are added every week.

  1. I think this is much better – guess blogs can be useful! Might also be useful to include url of some images that papers can use – thinking mainly photo of you and mary in respective jerseys. Dont forget to give open copyright so papers can reuse.

    Des Field Corbett    May 29, 08:46 AM    #