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The not so good aspects of blogging... and a new service

Some of you may have missed the debate last month over on the sister blog Spoilt.
I have never had a post generate so many replies and its own forum thread.

It brought up some important issues for business Bloggers and for myself in particular with the result that I will be moving Spoilt away from under the Spoiltchild domain.

It does provide an opportunity to combine it with a web service I have been working on, with a great developer called Killian Devitt who very kindly volunteered his time for this project. This is something we have worked in in our spare time the last few months.
It is a web service to allow non web savvy/technical designers, design students and photographers to simply create their own online portfolio for free to help them when applying for jobs.

When it will be launched depends on how much the pressure this post puts on Killian :) but he is occupied with less important things like marrying the woman he loves and moving continent.
I will keep you updated.

We are on the look out for a kindly web hoster to sponsor some Linux web space with mod rewrite permissions :)

  1. Sure I’m sure we could do something for ye on the hosting end of things :)

    Stephen McCarron    Feb 19, 02:42 PM    #
  2. Thanks a million for the offer Stephen. I think we have it sorted.

    Alan    Feb 19, 03:15 PM    #