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The Joy of the Future of Web Apps

Opps!, sorry i promised this follow up ages ago. Its a bit late now so i will just post what i had written.

Day 1

It was fascinating to put a face and voice to Mike Arrington who I have been reading for so long. He gave a good overview of the industry and its players, and what he sees works and what doesn’t. What was even better was having him around for the follow up speakers to put them on the spot with a few awkward questions.
Some of you may have read a bit about the disagreement over Techcrunch UK between Mike and Sam Sethi (now of . Meeting and chatting with these guys briefly between talks it seems while the guys themselves have put it behind them no one else will. The first topic of every single person who joined the conversation in the brief time I was with them was the same. That must make it very hard.

I didn’t get much from the AOL talk from Edwin Aoki. It was a bit too to “Aren’t we great”.

Tara Hunts talk on Building Online Communities was fantastic. That subject could make a conference in itself and I will be downloading and pouring over her slides in more detail. Her blog is also now on my must read list.

Most engaging presentation has to go to Simon Wardley of Fotango. While I have no interest in a Java development platform his funny sharp presentation resulted in me at least going over to his stand for a closer look.

Index Ventures full and frank presentation on how to find a Venture Capital and what to expect from the deal scared the bejesus out of me. Very educational and well worth hearing. Just make sure you are going in to a VC deal with the right expectations, the right people and the right paperwork.

Like most people there I am a fan of and it was very interesting to hear how it developed from the nuts and bolts team. Passion is everything in a team and judging from these guys and the success of they have it in spades.

I am pretty sure I was at the ThinkFree talk but I cant remember a bit of it. Sorry.

Werner Vogels of talked on Why and how it’s easier then ever before to build a web business and compete with anyone.
As expected it was a good talk. These guys have done everything right and when they haven’t they quickly evaluated it, changed or threw it out to try something else. Their move to hire out their immense infrastructure is brilliant.

Bradley Horowitz of Yahoo gave a good overview of pipes. I will be looking onto that further.

Stephen Stokols of BT let everyone down by promising free wireless for day 2 and not delivering.

The spotlight app being launched on the Tuesday was Quotations Book from Amit Kothari. An app they billed as YouTube for text Quotations. I have to say I admire these guys. Not just because they executed and delivered on an idea but because to me the idea is so mind numbingly boring. That takes some amount of belief and drive.
Don’t get me wrong I believe it is and will be become a very useful service for many people and will be very successful in its niche. I wish you every success guys.

And finally on Day 1 was Kevin Rose of Digg.
Interesting talk. I didn’t learn a whole lot more then I already knew and I am not a Digg user.

Day 2 began with a sales talk from Mark Anders of Adobe about flash and flex so I gave that a miss as well as the future of the browser presentation from Chris Wilson of Microsoft.

What I did love was the presentation on Managing user interface design from Khoi Vinh of It was fascinating, not to mention an educational and detailed talk on the design on the online version of the NYTimes.

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    Just to refresh your memory;) – TJ Kang (ThinkFree CEO) gave about the same presentation at the Under the Radar conference.


    Jonathan Crow    Apr 12, 03:57 PM    #