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The Email Standards Project

Anyone who has tried designing an email newsletter knows what a nightmare it is. Standard support in email clients is almost non existent. Think back to when you had to design two different web pages for Netscape and Internet Explorer and then realise that instead of two browsers you have to contend with numerous web and desktop email clients. Each one has different requirements. It is one of the reasons why we built Toddle. Small businesses should not have to worry about this technical issue and be able to get on with talking to their customers instead.
Thankfully the guys over at Freshview, who make the excellent Campaign Monitor and Mailbuild, have started a fantastic campaign to make the job of designers and marketers easier. The Email Standards Project. Read more about it here.

  1. Do you remember the REALLY old days when IE brought the new paradigm-breaking ability to centre text?

    David Barrett    Dec 16, 03:30 PM    #
  2. “Standard support in email clients is almost non existent.”

    I believe text is supported by all email clients ;-)

    Aidan Finn    Dec 16, 03:59 PM    #
  3. Wasn’t text also supported by all browsers :)

    Alan O'Rourke    Dec 16, 04:33 PM    #