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Testing the design of your target - Weddings update.

Tomasz is slowly making his way through the bugs in Toddle which means there is not a lot I can do for it until he is finished. So I have a bit of time to give to Weddings By Adam.
Since launch have been getting a nice number of organic signups on it every week and it has been growing nicely. However we discovered a severe roadblock in the acquisition of customers to the paid version. The number of sign ups to the trial and the numbers who progress to the paid plan don’t equate to what we evaluated the potential to be. We very quickly realised what the problem was.
Currently we have a fully featured three week trial of the application. However couples are not getting married for at least a year, sometimes two. That is too far away to invest a lot of time now in a trial that will run out before you really start needing it. Wedding planning starts out small and builds up gradually and what’s what we need in the sign up process.
So I am working on changing the structure to a basic free plan with limited features and a route a user can follow to upgrade to the other features only when they need them.

37 signals have a great piece in their book Getting Real that gets right to the point.

Weddings By AdamWhile tackling that solution I am also taking the opportunity to work on the design. I always felt there was something that was just not right about the design. Something that didn’t fit. This time I did a little bit of user testing and came to a design that I feel gives a much better experience to the application.

First a screenshot from the existing design so you can see the starting point.

Building on the interface design that we developed for Toddle (which I love) I approached weddings from the point of view of making the first time users experience as simple as possible. I wanted to guide them through the page. so that at no point are they stuck on what to do next.

Weddings By AdamSo I developed this design.

Men and women design differently. They also respond to designs differently. So I began to wonder if my design was too male. Quite a big problem if the main users of the site and application will be brides. I believe in the simplicity of the layout but perhaps the colour scheme could be adjusted.

I put online a few a alternate colour schemes and asked on a couple of forums. Mostly male forums and mostly female forums.
The response was very different from each gender. Men almost universally went for the Blue above. While women went for the following.

Weddings By AdamWithout prompting the responses I got from the women where chilly for the blue and warm and inviting for the pink.

So that decided it. A few more tweaks before it goes live but that is the updated interface for Weddings By Adam.

Asking on a couple of online forums is a simple inexpensive test to ensure you are targeting your market correctly. It could save you a lot of money in the long run. Of course it cannot replace a proper user test but as a guide it works.
Also a note to be careful that you don’t ask leading questions that could skew the results.

  1. I like your navbar in the new design; the way it sits underneath the header is nice and the subtle divisions between each tab are effective. Also, the inverted style of the current tab is cool. Think I’ll rob it for something. ;)

    Eoghan McCabe    Nov 26, 10:33 AM    #