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Take two revenue streams into the shower?

Keith over at Pure Play explained his Business Model recently and the figures look very attractive. A lot will depend on his target niche.

So it got me thinking about Toddle. I have only been thinking about one revenue stream. The user creates what ever they create and they pay a small fee at the end if they want to share it. A few free goes to try out the service and a few special offers floating around to take advantage of. That’s fine.

But each of these users are creating their own niche content. So why not run adsence through the application and serve each individual user advertising directly related to their own interest and creation?

Unlike, say this blog, where readers may have a passing interest in what I am saying, the chance of them spotting a Google advert that would interest them to click would be very low. The AdSense is serving the ads according to my own active interest and what I am writing.
However if you were to serve the ads according to what the reader and user were actively interested in then the relevance of the ads should go way up. Hopefully clicking would be higher.

Possibly a second revenue stream…

I have tried out AdSense briefly on the spoilt blog but I didn’t like how dominant they were. The spoilt blog was never designed to accommodate them. If I use AdSense in Toddle I would need to redesign the already coded front end but it just may be worth it.

  1. Only problem is users don’t like paying for something that has ad’s in it – so you might have 2 revenue steams but keep them separate.

    As in … free service is ad supported, when they pay the ad’s are removed. I think if I paid to allow people access my micro-content, and there was ad’s in it – I’d fully expect to be given the revenue from the ads.

    Ed Byrne    Nov 15, 09:19 AM    #
  2. Good point and i agree with it.

    Alan    Nov 15, 10:07 AM    #
  3. Don’t want to be picky but everytime you write adsence in this article and the correct spelling is AdSense. You can see that more people make this same mistake.,GGGL:2005-09,GGGL:nl&q=adsence+

    Erno    Nov 16, 01:46 PM    #
  4. Thanks Erno.

    Alan    Nov 16, 01:50 PM    #
  5. Last time I looked yours was a quiet blog – guess I have to subscribe now :-)

    Just to be clear – the figures I quoted for were very attractive. They will definitely need to be scaled for us!

    And my most recent post on Adsense may be of interest to you Alan as well!


    keith bohanna    Nov 16, 07:43 PM    #