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Spoiltchild Design

Sunday Times write up.

Lisa Godson gave us a great write up in the Sunday Times this week with a mention of the BAFTA nomination and a critique of some of our work. Nice!
Sunday Times


The company's work has been short-listed in the interactive category of this year's prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Bafta) awards. If Spoiltchild Design bags a gong on March 2, it will be a coup, not least because it has only been in existence for only a year and Alan O'Rourke is its only designer.

The Bafta short-listing is as a result of his work on the National Gallery of Scotland's new interactive gallery. Few Irish graphic designers can afford to specialise much, and in the past 12 months O'Rourke has also worked on a short film, a children's book and an animated prospectus for Dublin Institute of Technology.

His area of particular interest is corporate identity, in particular what is called whole brand strategy, in which the designer controls every aspect from initial concept to the execution and management of every detail, as in his work for Hosting365.

That is an internet hosting company, the largest in Ireland. As its basic service is to provide support and (virtual) space on internet servers for clients, its identity needs to be fairly straightforward and restrained.

O'Rourke's basic identity for the company is based around the colour blue, which communicates conservatism and solidity.
Hosting365 logo
The colour is tempered to express different aspects of the company in different contexts. The word "hosting" is rendered in blue, and "365" in dark red, suggesting an urgency and dynamism appropriate to the phrase "365".

The shade of blue is also subtly altered when necessary, the typical "true blue" generally mixed with a lighter lavender shade for secondary information, suggesting a hierarchy of content.

It's simplicity and subtlety is evidence of a thoughtful and thorough design.

- Lisa Godson