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Spoiltchild Design

Spoiltchild Design has been nominated for a BAFTA Interactive Award 2005.

Spoiltchild Design, creative design agency delivering custom solutions, has been nominated for a BAFTA Interactive Award in the Factual category for its work on the new touch screen IT Gallery system of the National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh.
The awards, which were inaugurated in 1997, recognise the best in web design, digital TV shows and multimedia.

Other nominees include the BBC, The Guardian news website, the National Theatre, MTV, the Science Museum and the London Stock Exchange.

In 2002, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts decided to split the awards into separate games and interactive ceremonies, to fully cover the range of innovation outside the gaming industry.
There were over 400 entries this year jostling for nominations- a third more than last year. The winners from twelve different categories will be awarded on 2nd of March 2005.

The Project
Weston Link BuildingSpoiltchild designed the solution, which displays a large number of artworks from the Galleries' collection, to be eye-catching, exciting and accessible to attract new audiences to the Galleries and allow visitors to interact with art in different ways.
The system provides attractive and user-friendly access to digitised art works through a variety of routes allowing the user to explore in an enjoyable way while also providing access to a depth of information on the art and artist.
The hi-tech, interactive IT Gallery was developed with a fresh and modern interface utilising the latest in touch screen technology. The fun and intuitive design provides access to the major pieces of art held at the five galleries which make up the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The IT Gallery is part of the newly opened Weston Link, an underground building which joins the adjacent National Gallery of Scotland and Royal Scottish Academy buildings. The creation of the Weston Link has permitted an increase in facilities for visitors, as well as allowing the much-needed upgrading of the Royal Scottish Academy and was opened by the Duke of Edinburgh in August of this year.

Alan O'Rourke, the designer said
"The challenge was to meet the brief of providing a system that would attract the younger age group of 18-25 year olds and encourage them to use the system while at the same time not turn away the other groups who regularly visit the gallery. We have achieved this goal.
There was an opportunity to utilise the latest in technology and design to allow interaction with the art on a whole new level, providing a new avenue for research and exploration."

IT Gallery ScreensContent for the IT Gallery consists of digital images from 1200 works of art, supplementary information about the artwork and background information on each artist. The system is scaleable to hold 10,000 images and from the start was designed to expand organically and easily handle the future growth of the Galleries' digitised art works. Although initially only available at the Weston Link, it will eventually be expanded to the internet allowing the IT Gallery to play a key role in increasing the awareness of the Galleries' collections.
Dublin firm Phoenix Technology Group developed the backend to drive the system.

About Spoiltchild Design
Spoiltchild Design is delighted with the nomination. It marks an end to a great year for this new design agency still in its first year of business.
Other successes this year include being short listed for a prestigious Net Visionary award in the category of web design excellence in November.
Spoiltchild Design is a multi-discipline design agency based in Drogheda with a diverse range of clients. Working in the areas of web, print, broadcast design and multimedia, Spoiltchild Design provides the highest quality service and design to answer clients' needs.

Alan O'Rourke, owner of Spoiltchild Design also founded the national design organisation the Designers Guild of Ireland which was set up to encourage good design and design practice in business and provide a support network for designers.