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Some good news and bad.

Meath enterprise board turned down Toddle for funding stating that there are too many like it in the market. I have not identified any like it in the market but perhaps my proposal was not clear enough on that.

However some good news is that Sheepstealer Clothing has been approached by an investor. Early stages at this point so I cant say much (or anything) at this stage but I take it as a good sign.

  1. congrats – you have the makings of a great brand. The photoshop mockups were brilliant.

    walter    May 3, 02:45 AM    #
  2. ... or maybe turned down because there are not enough like it in the market. Unless you’re a cutting edge technology Angel (and Meath Enterprise may be good, but not that good), you’re going to invest in the 2nd or 3rd company , but not the first.

    Paul Browne    May 20, 02:11 PM    #
  3. Good point.

    Alan    May 21, 05:09 PM    #