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"The single most important activity we have undertaken"

Design is good for business. It's a smart investment according to the following report released recently by the Design Council. The results of their survey show that companies who invest in design are more likely to both grow their businesses and maintain their long-term viability. According to this study:


"companies that see design as integral to their work report its direct, positive impact on practically every measure of business performance, including sales, profit, quality, product and service development and market share."

The survey shows that half of all companies that ignore design
are driven to compete mainly on price, cutting margins and
risking their long-term viability.

While this study's focus was the UK market, we think that design can offer the same level of impact to companies here in Ireland. We were quite impressed by the case study in this report of the Clipper Organic Tea company and their efforts to re-brand. After an extensive redesign of their packaging, they have seen their profits nearly quadruple since 2001. And that's without undertaking any other brand building work!

Owner Mike Brehme's verdict:


The single most important activity we have undertaken in our 20-year history.

That's a good return on investment in our minds.

But don't take our word for it. Read on. Find out why design matters to you.