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Selling product design

We designed a toy a while back. Its not one of those “revolutionary” new board games that appear on the Late Late Show every few months and Irish people are so fond of producing.
Its the type of toy i wish i had as a kid (heck i still do). To be honest it is more evolutionary then revolutionary and involves toy cars.

The thing is i don’t know what to do with it.

I have no interest in becoming a toy manufacturer, entering the saturated, extremely competitive market and spending a couple of years just trying to get this on the shelves.

I could perhaps package it up, put together a few 3d renders and animation of the product in action and send it to a few toy companies for sale.
If i did this does anyone know where to start and how to protect the IP as much as possible? As its more an evolution of an existing concept i would imagine IP would be difficult.

Or is it better to put it all together in a web page and release it with animations to the world. Use it to draw traffic to Spoiltchild and our design expertise?

Any better ideas?

  1. If it’s got potential to make money then why not try getting some financial backing for it?
    Michele    Oct 29, 04:07 PM    #
  2. Its just not a business i want to be in in general. However i would like to see this released.
    Alan    Oct 29, 04:19 PM    #
  3. Im sure you could sell the idea to someone. Ive no idea how to go about this though, but I doubt it would be too hard. You could start by applying for a patent. I tend to think of new ideas the odd time, but its always a case of “nah, couldnt be bothered trying”. If only there was a good web resource for people like us! Now theres a good idea…nah, couldnt be bothered trying :) ARG!
    Cian    Nov 3, 11:14 AM    #