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RTE Doc on One Launched

Spoiltchild has been busy working with RTE over the last few months to develop a new platform to showcase documentaries online. We are very pleased to announce the launch of the new Doc on One website showcasing over 200 documentaries from the RTE archives. You can download, search by category, review and listen to documentary podcasts. Users can even send suggestions for future documentaries to the RTE team. If like me, you are interested in a wide variety of subjects; events, history and culture, log on and enjoy 40 minutes of pure listening pleasure. Documentary lovers bookmark this site now!

You can follow Doc on One updates on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned as there will be over 400 documentaries added to the site by the end of the month. So plenty of entertainment and education for everyone.

The Doc on One team is passionate about their work and bringing documentaries to larger audiences via the web. Spoiltchild is happy to be part of the team that facilitated such a worthwhile endeavour. We are very proud of the site in helping to create a buzz and promote such a fantastic artform. We wish continued success to the Doc on One team.

Thanks to Damien and all those on Twitter who reviewed Doc on One and gave it the thumbs up.