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Hi. I’m Alan O’Rourke. You might remember me from such blogs as this one, Spoilt and Toddle. Spoiltchild have been working on some pretty cool stuff lately, both for ourselves and for some amazing clients which I will blog about soon. But first Damien has dragged me out of our secret development laboratory / cave for a great initiative of his. There are some amazing web and tech companies coming out of Ireland recently. Our trip over to Silicon Valley last year revealed to me the really smart and passionate people behind them. Over the next few months, every Tuesday, I will introduce a few of them to help attract the attention these guys and their products deserve. First up is Putplace.


Putplace is an online backup but with one very important difference. Putplace also allows you to organise, protect and share that data. While other back up solutions out there do half a job and allow you to dump a folder and its contents online, Putplace helps you actually find it again in a way you can understand.

Joe Drumgoole the guy behind Putplace does the Technology hour on Newstalk radio every Monday evening with George Hook. And if you have ever listened, you quickly realise the guy talks a lot of practical straight forward sense and gives realistic advice a person can actually understand. A rare skill in the software industry.
Joe has applied that practicality and straight forward thinking to the common problem, backing up your data, and has gone much further by realising how that data fits into your day to day life.

Backup is one of those things you always put on the long finger and don’t fancy paying a few euro for each month. But as I found out recently when my computer died I was willing to pay just about anything to get a few files back. They have a nice case studies section which show how a few folk use it in their day to day. Which explains things better then ever I could.

They are currently an open Beta and are looking for people to test the service. This means you can try out the service for free and you have no limits on how much data you can back up. Sounds like a good deal to me. And if you like it let others know :)

  1. Hi Alan, lovely post. Great idea too Joe, well done. If this system takes the pain out of backing up files then it will certainly make my life easier. Will certainly give it a try.

    mary    Jul 1, 05:41 PM    #