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Powerpoint Sleeping Pills

I have attended quite a few conferences and training days over the past few months. It is always great to stimulate the brain, meet folks with similar interests and learn as much as you can. This is the best bit for me. But one thing really grates. Powerpoint.

When the image makers and the image marketers cannot manage to have beautiful, clear, and crisp presentations I always wonder what their design is really like – apart from the hard sell.

Why resort to the default Powerpoint settings when you could design something a great deal more beautiful yourself. And if I have to sit through another presentation with white text on a faint background, I will honestly leave the room.

Picture this; I have parted with my hard earned cash to hear you speak so please make sure I can see your images and read your call to action.

Just a thought, ask a few friends, family and colleagues to crit your Powerpoint presentation. Can they read your message, does it send them to sleep, is it too wordy? Use your voice; you don’t have to read everything off the screen. If your presentation is better than sleeping pills overhaul sharpish.

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