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Podcast Logo

I have noticed a lot of hits recently from people looking for a pod cast logo I did a while back. Also noticed a few bad implementations of it on sites because they don’t have the source files. So here they are.

Podcast Logo

.ZIP file (390kb)

I quickly put together a selection of file types and sizes for anyone to use anywhere. It includes transparent .png files to place on different backgrounds. If you make new version of the podcast logo / icon from these files I would appreciate if you could link to them in the comments.

Also, to all of the sites that were too busy to copy the image to your own servers and decided to link to my server instead. I will be turning it off by the end of the week.

  1. Fantastic looking Logo !

    Shame you couldn’t make BarCamp – perhaps the next one ?

    walter    Oct 6, 01:46 PM    #
  2. Hopefully walter :)

    Alan    Oct 6, 02:52 PM    #
  3. lovely.

    frankp    Oct 7, 12:55 AM    #
  4. Why remove it when you can have much more fun sending hotlinkers somewhere else? Or you could replace it with a simple image reading “I was too lazy to pay a designer to do my logo”

    Michele    Oct 7, 11:04 AM    #