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Spoiltchild Design - Never forget a photo

While our E-mail Marketing product Toddle is being reviewed and rated today as part of the Tuesday Push it gives us a chance to catch up on the last one…

As part of the Tuesday Push initiated by Damien, I am delighted to introduce It is a fantastic service where you can upload, share and save your photos. It is such a great way to have all your photos in one place. By inviting family and friends, all occasions are safely stored and tagged forever. If like me you never remember to fix the date setting after you recharge the batteries on your camera this function is a godsend. The overall design of the site is friendly and welcoming and really inviting. At this rate everyone I know will have signed up the end of the week! Lovely site, great usability, well done Flickr had better watch out this stylish brat is fast on its heels!

Posted by Mary Carty