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People power in nature tracking

Over the past few month I have been working with a great guy called Paul Whelan who has some great ideas about learning and science.
He came to Spoiltchild to get us involved in one of his many projects The focus of which is this simple application.

No hi tek tracking equipment. No huge budget satellite tracking. And no David Attenborough type camping out in the wilderness for weeks to catch sight of the illusive whatsit*. It uses pure simple people power.
What will be fascinating is what kind of picture it will build up over the next 5 to 10 years of the state of wildlife throughout the country and how this mad construction everywhere will effect it.

*The hairy back, stump footed variety.

  1. Nice to see the site online at last :)

    Michele    Feb 17, 10:43 PM    #
  2. Lovely idea, but pointlessly Flash, and therefore 50% less useable that it could have been, which is important for an app such as this.

    John    Feb 18, 09:38 AM    #
  3. Why is it 50% less usable?

    If the buttons and map are in exactly the same place and and perform exactly the same function?

    That sounds like one of the generic “Flash is bad!” statements from 5 years ago which has little or no basis in reality today.

    The flash plug-in has the install base so I am sure you cant mean that?

    Alan    Feb 18, 11:34 AM    #
  4. It’s also featured on ENN today :)

    Michele    Mar 3, 05:54 PM    #