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Open Coffee Club Drogheda - Open

The preparations are complete and we have a location. Thanks for all your suggestions. Our first meeting is in the D Hotel, Drogheda, on Friday 29th of May, 9.30 am.

Open Coffee Clubs are informal gatherings for business people and entrepreneurs to talk about projects, exchange ideas, and to network. Begun in London and Dublin on 1st of March 2007 there are now over eighty clubs in towns and cities worldwide.

Lots of parking space is available in Scotch Hall shopping centre on the Dublin Road. We have just created a Twitter account so please follow us @occdrogheda. So come along have a chat and some good coffee. Bring your business cards and we will provide the welcome. Looking forward to meeting you all.


  1. Yipee – it’s all sorted. Now we just have to get people at it.

    Let the planning begin!

    Denise Fay    May 21, 11:22 AM    #
  2. How about a few of these for the area we are going to use?

    fran    May 22, 10:58 AM    #