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one more

One more project I forgot to mention. It is one I am quite pleased that they went with the style direction I proposed.

You can still see the old version here which makes for a good before and after.

  1. The new one looks gorgeous.

    walter    Feb 22, 12:45 PM    #
  2. Really nice job. Very stylish and cool. It stands out, where the old site just looked like every other web casino.

    Gavin Bowman    Feb 22, 01:17 PM    #
  3. Nice design Alan but one problem I have with is that that word “Games” in “Our Games” in the navigation menu is wrapping to the second line and obscured by the main banner.

    This is happening with font size at my normal setting in Firefox. When I increase the font size further the word “Games” disappears completely and I’m just left with “Our” which isn’t very helpful ;->

    The text in the Tournaments column suffers similarly at high font sizes. I’d imagine many of’s audience are in the older age bracket and suffer similar poor eyesight to me?

    James Corbett    Feb 22, 01:59 PM    #