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Net Visionary Awards 2006

I am a bit slow in posting this. I figured I had better update the portfolio a bit before getting in the running again this year. I got a quick selection of recent web work online on the home page of

IIA Netvisionary Awards 2006

The Netvisionary nominations are live and taking votes.
A big thank you to all who thought my work was good enough to nominate me. This is my third year being nominated. Perhaps this year I might get to be bride instead of bridesmaid :)
(an image which is probably best left unexplored).

Get over there and vote :)

The people that stand out for me at first glance are:

Social Contribution
Bernie Goldbach

Jonathan Hill

Internet Marketer
Tom Doyle

Online Trader
John Breslin

Educational Contribution
Paul Whelan

Internet Entrepreneur
Michele Neylon

Best Blogger
Michele Neylon

I am making my way through the other links to find out who they are.

  1. Being massively biased as I am … I can’t help but wonder why Stephen McCarron wouldn’t be the default shoe-in for the Internet Entrepreneur? Hosting365 is one of the youngest hosting companies in the country and also the biggest by a factor of nearly 4 over the nearest competitor. Surely that growth is worthy of praise?

    Again … I could not BE any more biased being the Marketing Director for the comapny, so I await the shooting match – but I think I’m in quite a defensible position!!

    Ed Byrne    Oct 13, 03:50 PM    #
  2. Nothing wrong with being biased.

    With both Hosting365 and Blacknight both being past and present clients of mine. Both fantastic to work with.

    Not to mention liking both Stephen and Michele a lot. In the end I let the coin decide :)

    Alan    Oct 13, 04:05 PM    #
  3. We’ll see what happens when the votes are counted, but I can see there being some very tough competition in some of the categories.

    Michele    Oct 13, 05:14 PM    #
  4. A big challenge of the IIA Netvisionaries is that they are 100% subjective. ‘Real’ vision, contribution,etc, is regularly overlooked and replaced by ‘he who has the most friends or makes the most noise online’.

    To my mind, it’s a fundamental flaw in the awards being taken too seriously.

    Stephen McCarron    Oct 15, 10:09 AM    #
  5. Totally subjective and I would say quite a few coins are flipped in the process.

    For the web design awards I have never been asked for samples of work or links to live sites. And of course to consider if a design is successfull you need to see the original brief and if it has been fulfilled. I am sure for the web developer award no one is going through lines of code and evaluating it.

    Alan    Oct 15, 01:35 PM    #
  6. It’s a popularity contest, rather than a reward for excellence, which is pity.

    Ed Byrne    Oct 16, 07:10 AM    #
  7. I wouldn’t say that. More peer reviewed without set guidelines.

    Alan    Oct 16, 09:06 AM    #
  8. Not really peer review of the work as such, but more a ‘how many peers like you’ kind of thing :)

    Stephen McCarron    Oct 18, 09:21 AM    #