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Netvisionaries 2005

I really enjoyed the awards this year. We didn’t win but that wasn’t the point of the night for me. I finally got to meet some people face to face and find out they were just as nice and interesting in real life as on the interweb. Some I didn’t get to talk to long enough but that’s a sign of a good night and I will catch them again.

I brought my parents along on the night to have a glimpse of the glitzier site of the industry. They now go home to their mates with the information that my name was listed on the same stage as I don’t think it matters that they were different categories.

The after event party stretched to the early hours. I managed to stay sober so Hugh, Ross and a few others should be receiving their blackmail packages in the post shortly. Remembers guys the bank account in in the Canaries and don’t leave out any zeros. I left as the bar closed amid rumblings of a party up in room 206.

The winners can be found here:
No point in me posting them as everyone else seems to have already.
Congrats to everyone listed. Well done to all the nominees and top marks to the IIA for organising a good night.

Fergal O’Byrne, CEO of the IIA followed up this evening to check I had a good night and if I had any feedback he would be happy to meet and hear it. That’s a nice touch. I am ashamed to say I am not yet a member of the IIA but that email has ensured I will be shortly.

  1. Alan, that wasn’t me…it was an impersonator…I am usually more graphic.

    First installment on the way to your bank today.

    Ross Cooney    Nov 27, 10:13 AM    #