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Mystery Shopper

As part of the Chamber of Commerce Business Awards they are running a mystery shopper to help evaluate nominees for the Customer Service Category.
It involves someone ringing up your business, pretending to want to give you loads of money in return for services and rating you on your replies.
Its quite a superficial test and perhaps evaluates you on your phone manor more then anything else. Perhaps a survey to be distributed to a companies clients to be returned anonymously might be a true reflection but would a company allow that? I would hope they would if they are being honest about their claims.

Today we got the call. What I found funny was how obvious it was that the person on the phone had absolutely no interest in the service they were asking about. Three words into the conversation and I could hear the woman on the other end was totally lying. I think you need to recruit an actor or a pathological liar for a job like that to make it believable. But can you trust the reports of the liar?

On top of that a letter arrived from the awards organisers yesterday stating that a mystery shopper would be involved in a couple of the categories. With the awards this Saturday that leaves just two possible days the shopper could call so of course everyone would be on their guard.

Of course it could all turn into a Faulty Towers sketch where the supposed food critic is being lavished with attention while the real critic is left ignored and fuming in the corner.

So that’s the second test over with.

All that’s left is a ten minute interview on the day of the awards. Fingers crossed.