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MeeboMe test

If you have flash you should see on the left the MeeboMe Instant Messenger widget. I am going to test it out for the next while to explore the possibility of using it as a sales and support tool on both Weddings By Adam and Toddle. It has pretty good reviews but no one has commented on it being used with a team which I am very interested in. My big worry about it is how disturbing it would be to the daily workflow. With email you can decide to ignore them and deal with in blocks at a time. With IM you are on the customers schedule. I will try it for a few days and if it annoys the feck out of me it will go. Feel free to say hi :)

Damien, I notice you are using it. How do you find it?

Techcrunch review.

  1. It’s good and I find it handy for people who don’t want to take that extra few seconds to email me to get my attention. I do get some very odd IMs though from people landing on the pages after google searches. But then I also get some wonderfully off the wall phone calls since my mobile is on my blog. One woman rang me once to place an order for an ice-cream cake after I blogged about Murphy’s Icecream

    Damien Mulley    Nov 27, 11:00 AM    #
  2. Do you find it disrups your work flow much?

    Alan    Nov 27, 11:56 AM    #
  3. IM in general does. The MeeboMe widget alone makes no greater impact. IM at the same time increases work efficiency if you want to ask someone a quick question. If you don’t want to answer questions at certain times then log out.

    Damien Mulley    Dec 1, 01:08 AM    #