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Looking for email marketing success stories

I am in the process of writing a beginners guide to simple email marketing and i am looking for some personal practical experiences of people trying it in the real world. If you have any stories that you think might inspire others to try it, warn them what not to do or just a simple tip that you find works for you i would love you to share. I cant promise i can include everything in this article but there are many more due over the next year. Every story will be fully attributed (or you can be anonymous if you wish, just email me).

A great example is Jim Brady of Brady wines. He put a small ad in the local paper and front window offering a free wine course by email. He sent out a short email every couple of weeks to each subscriber telling them about wine. He simply used the information cards provided by the wine dealers about what each type of wine and how to identify them. The cards were normally on display in the shop and Jim added a little of his own opinion also. So when the subscribers wanted a good bottle of wine to bring to a friend’s house they knew to go to Jim. Subscribers were armed with the right knowledge to talk about wine over dinner which in turn helped to attract new customers.

An example of what not to do was demonstrated by the The Goldenspider awards who were fined €500 last month for spamming Maryrose of Brightspark.

So what works for you?

  1. I get a jump in the number of upgrades to the latest version every time I send out a PerfectTablePlan newsletter.

    Andy Brice    Jan 4, 11:48 AM    #