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Spoiltchild Design

Logo - I think...

  1. Bags, bird feed, travel planning, eco-transport, slow post delivery (that one is gone BTW :-),The Art of Slow – for pigeons



    keith bohanna    Nov 29, 06:57 AM    #
  2. Heh :) A pigeon Travel Guide would be a great idea :)

    Well after working on this last night it has gotten the thumbs down here in the office this morning. Pigeon and its personality is a winner but the type isn’t getting across the message we need.

    Alan    Nov 29, 08:37 AM    #
  3. It first off made me think of who are about to launch with a bird logo (see the silouette on their header.

    But the app looks interesting, messenger/carrier-pidgeon a theme?

    Robin Blandford    Nov 29, 09:17 AM    #
  4. I noticed songbird last week. Thankfully the pigeon has actually been around for about a month so I can be sure I wasn’t subliminally influenced :)

    Alan    Nov 29, 09:25 AM    #
  5. Pigeon is lovely, if a little sinister looking!

    Mix of rough and smooth is nice too, though I’d like to see a fully smoothy version.

    Not crazy about the colours, but in a way that might be a good thing because they kind of stay with you because there’s something odd about them.

    Having no idea what the product is it’s hard to tell re image you’re trying to convey!

    I hope it’s a way for me to post letters without having to go to the post office…!

    Way to keep us in suspense… :P

    frankp    Nov 29, 10:42 AM    #
  6. Woah, that pigeon has single-handedly put me off toddle :)

    David Barrett    Nov 29, 03:23 PM    #
  7. Haha

    Alan    Nov 29, 03:27 PM    #
  8. I like it. Eccentric, quirky, excellent point of difference and a good visual clue/representation of what Toddle does (AFAIK). Opposite of bland enormicom generic swoosh kinda thing…

    I wouldn’t do any more work to this (no to smoothness btw, hand drawn is the future) except maybe look at the eye to see if you can make it less inscrutable.

    Daragh    Dec 5, 09:08 AM    #