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LinkedIn Randomers

I have been using LinkedIn for a while now and find it really useful. And the thing I really love about it is its randomness. You never know who will link to you, answer your question or give you good advice. Over the last few months I have met some amazing people who have helped in the writing of articles, in research for papers and generally given good advice or tips on just about every subject.

Before I had a car I spent lots of time on public transport and loved the fact that intresting people could cross my path at any moment. And they did. So much so, that my stories usually beginning with “guess what, you never know who I met today”, was followed by eyes rolling to heaven or “Mary you’re such a randomer!”

Now that these types of opportunities are not as frequent as before, LinkedIn provides the same type of buzz and connection for me, albeit on a professional level.

Actors always talk about the possibilities, the possibility of having a relationship with another character , the possibility of being open to feelings, and emotions with another person you have to get to know in a very short space of time. Most crucially for actors, their emotions and their performances must contain a truthfulness that we the audience believe and can relate to.

I often think of LinkedIn in this way. For it to be a success you must be open to the possibilities of meeting people from all over the world, for having beliefs or opinions similar or different to your own. They may not like what you have the say or maybe they will on occasion.

Being open is not easy at first, putting your work and your opinion on display. But if you push against it and put yourself out there you will be amazed who you might meet and what they may do for your business.

Image thanks to Erica_Marshall

  1. Great piece Mary – nicely put.

    Rowena Neville    Jul 17, 04:10 PM    #
  2. Thanks Rowena!

    Mary Carty    Jul 21, 03:06 PM    #