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Spoiltchild Design

Its actually happening.

EDIT: Thank you to everyone who applied. This position is now filled. (9th May,2005)

Its actually happening. Thanks to some great clients and the lovely recommendations they have given us (untraceable bank transfer in progress guys) our full time team is about to double in size. This will bring the studio team up to 2 with the dedicated assorted talents of a team of freelancers adding to the mix when needed.

I decided at the very start that I would let the studio grow organically. My interest first and foremost was in producing good design with a client not in building a business. But producing good design has been very good for business.
In between work and sleep over the last manic few months it has dawned on me that it needs to grown organically NOW. And I must say I am very excited about the prospect. A new member of the team will provide a fresh perspective to a design problem and hopefully push the results a little further. It will also split the work load and enable us the devote a little bit more time to each project to fine tune those little details that make the difference.

So without further waffling, here is the job ad. If you are good and interested please drop us a line. If you think you know of someone suitable pass this along.
As always we are interested in hearing from good freelancers to shamelessly use their talents to make a project look good.

============BEGIN ADVERT==============

Spoiltchild Design is a small Bafta nominated design studio based in Drogheda. It is expanding and I need a talented designer.
We are just 5 minutes from the train station in Drogheda which is just 45mins on the train from Dublin.

First and foremost you need to be an excellent creative designer.
Spoiltchild works across a variety of media, web, print, motion graphics, video, 3d and multimedia and you would get the opportunity to play in all these areas.
I don't expect you to be a jack of all trades but you need to be advanced in either web or print and have an interest and understanding of the other areas. Training will be provided.

Tools of the trade are Adobe CS, Dreamweaver, Flash, After Effects and 3d Max. The studio is windows based. However as stated its your design skills I am looking for not software.

The chosen designer will increase the studio to a total of 2 people so you will be given a lot of responsibility and input into how the studio develops as well as close contact with clients.

If you are applying to the above you must be a good listener but also be willing to put forward a better solution if you see it. Attention to detail to the point of being a psychological condition a plus. You must enjoy your work and you must be a bit of fun to work with as I don't want to hate going to work in the morning. And above all you MUST be reliable.

Salary is negotiable depending on experience and talent.

Please send your details to me, Alan at only. I need a CV and most important are 3 samples of your work in .PDF or in .jpg format. Indicate what your skills are.