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Spoiltchild Design

It pays to be the early bird

Well done to Eoghan McCabe for getting in the first comment on the Top 10 web designers today on the blog of Jason Calacanis :)
You can be sure most people will click on the first few comments.

EDIT: And thanks to Conor for the mention of Spoiltchild.

  1. Ha. Yes indeed. And 500 referrals and a job offer from a Silicon Valley start-up later and I know I owe Pat Phelan a pint!

    Eoghan McCabe    Dec 8, 10:05 AM    #
  2. Thats brilliant Eoghan. :)

    Alan    Dec 8, 10:12 AM    #
  3. Yeah. Cheers, Alan. :)

    Eoghan McCabe    Dec 8, 07:56 PM    #