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Spoiltchild Design

Investment Structure

As Toddle gets closer to going live and the trip to Silicon Valley looms we have been looking closely at what kind of investment we might look for and how exactly should we structure ourselves in preparation. Our goal for Spoiltchild is to build great products, grow them to great businesses and then spin them out on their own. An internal incubation space. With Toddle coming out we would like(but don’t need) a cash injection to help bring the application to market relatively quickly. If we do pursue investment in Toddle how should we structure the company to do that. If its to be just Toddle should we spin it out to its own Limited Company now with Spoiltchild Ltd as the main shareholder . What would be the Tax implications of transferring a new product with no revenues between companies. Or do we look for investment in Spoiltchild Ltd itself combined with the other products we have in the pipeline for future release? Is BES attractive to all Irish investors or only some. If we look for more then the current BES limits would an investor invest some through BES and the rest outside it?

I guess its time to talk to an expert. Any suggestions?

  1. I think you really need to talk to the experts. I imagine that if you went the BES route you might have some issues later down the road getting in a bigger investor as they tend to not like lots of small investors in the mix.

    I’ll fly you an email rather than continue here.


    Richard Hearne    Nov 4, 09:07 AM    #