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Spoiltchild Design

Get poked!

But in the getting attention way not the sexual way…
Spoiltchild, Damien Mulley and echolibre have been secretly working on a small project the last couple of months. I am not going to reveal all just yet but believe me when I say its pretty cool and you will be using it when it launches.
To tease you here is some work in progress on the design.

It’s one of the few opportunities where I have been able to repurpose an unused concept design. To use the Bob the Builder phrase, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

  1. Product failure. Crushed by recession.

    James    Mar 14, 01:41 AM    #
  2. the name suggests something intriguing. Defo keep my eye on it.

    Derek Organ    Mar 16, 10:22 AM    #