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Spoiltchild Design

Freelance team required

And January is supposed to be a slow month!
We require a team of freelance pixel wranglers and code poets for a number of upcoming projects over the next few months.

We require the following individuals

Logo designer. ( skill level)
Front end web designer with good UI skills. ( skill level)
Front end Coder – Valid Xhtml and Css.
Back end developer – PHP (framework preferred)
Back end developer – Ruby on Rails
Ajax developer (please state preferred library)
Wordpress and Expression Engine Guru.
Flash animator
Flash actionscripter with experience of xml and php.
Project Manager experienced in design and development

This is freelance contract work at this stage but please indicate if you are open to the idea of a full time position at the end. Work does not require you to be onsite.

About us
Spoiltchild Design is a design studio of three guys based in Drogheda.
Work is split between client work and our own projects to keep us sane.
We have a great friendly client base open to giving and receiving better ideas and great to work with.
We got a few nice nominations including a BAFTA, Net Visionary and Chamber of Commerce and regularly get featured on gallery sites such as and others. More info at

To apply
Please send your resume/portfolio to with a subject line of “Spoiltchild freelance.” Plain text resumes/CVs and links to online resumes/portfolios are preferred to email attachments. No Word docs please.