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Freeflow business planning

So i am back from holidays today. Much needed they were too. I have not had a break in a year and a half. Working every hour available. No life. I was near burn out.
So i booked myself and the wife (god bless her patience) for two weeks of nothing but lying on a sandy beach doing nothing.
Hard work shifting your brain gear from something to nothing…

...So i relax, start enjoying the holiday, de stress and not thinking about work. and what happens? i start imagining, dreaming and noticing my surroundings. Then i notice something, potential, a gap in a market, why hasn’t anyone thought of this? Imagine, dream, plan.

...and i am back. Another killer project in mind and no time to do it but of course i have to try. More to add to the workload.

  1. Could you be more vague? :)
    How are you finding text pattern? I tried it out very briefly and it looked like it had a lot of potential
    Michele    Oct 24, 08:55 PM    #
  2. True sorry :)
    I was ruminating on how the most creative stuff seems to happen when you try doing nothing.

    Textpattern is pretty simple and does everything i need of it at the moment. Doesn’t have all the features and plugins of wordpress.
    As to the project its a simple one to set up but the difficulty lies in marketing it to the right people. Other then that i wont say at this stage. Really its just a diversion from finishing the business plan for Pinstripe.
    Alan    Oct 24, 09:02 PM    #
  3. Alan, would that be a gap in the market for a business in the Canaries? Now that would be a dream gig!
    James Corbett    Oct 28, 02:27 PM    #
  4. Actually a web based business with clients in all the holiday destinations. It would make sales trips more interesting :)
    Alan    Oct 28, 02:32 PM    #
  5. Alan
    The stable version of TextPattern looks good, though I’m not sure if I can find a practical use for it :)
    I’m currently working my way through the “bible” on Typo3, so my hands are kind of full :)
    Michele    Oct 29, 04:06 PM    #