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Spoiltchild Design

Finetuna coverage has been getting some great coverage around the web recently. The great thing is we didn’t have to bribe anyone, they seem to be finding it by themselves. Below is a small selection of the sites and comments.

Chris Pirillo

The Video Blogger and Author did a live video review of Finetuna on his show here.

You won’t believe how simple this is to use. Simply upload an image or design, then add your comments. When you’re finished, you can either email it to another person(s), or send them the direct link to what you’ve done. That’s it… seriously.

CNET Webware

Josh Lowensohn over at Webware did a nice review.
Finetuna is a dead simple collaborative image annotation tool. Meant mostly for casual designers, it lets you make a few short notes on an image and send it off to someone else. As soon as they get it, they can view your edits, make their own, then send it back. This keeps the paper trail out of your e-mail in-box, and in a single place.


Great for choosing logos, helping a photographer friend out with style points, and other types of editing help.

Freelance Switch

Freelance Switch listed Finetuna in its article “9 next generation collaboration apps for sharing images documents“.

Designers Toolbox

Overall, this a great tool for anyone that needs specific feedback from a client that does not have Acrobat Professional. We found the entire process to be quick and easy.

The Next Web

Ernst-Jan Pfauth wrote a nice review in Finetuna: discuss a design in detail without any hassle
No, this has nothing to do with tasty fish, the name of this service refers to the process of fine tuning a design. Irish design agency Spoiltchild Design came up with a handy tool that helps you and your colleagues to address every detail in an image, without bothering to describe the spot you’re talking about. You just put a note on the desired spot and email the image to a colleague, who can also easily edit the picture as well.

Kim Komando Radio Show

Kim featured Finetuna in her Cool site of the day.
Once at Fine Tuna, you can add comments quickly and easily. The comments are tied to specific portions of the photograph. So, you can point out a detail others may miss.
Once you’ve added comments, you’re ready to share the photos. Just send a link to your friends and family. They’ll love the personal touch that your comments add!


The great Alexia posted a nice review after a recent Photo walk.
For example, I have a snap I took last Saturday. Suppose I wanted to get one of the photo blogging rockstars like Red Mum or Gingerpixel to give me advice, I could upload that snap to Fine Tuna and send them a link using the Fine Tuna site. I would then wait nervously as they grade my efforts and dole out sound advice. Feedback is registered on the image using Post-It notes-style comment bubbles, highlighted regions and underlining. Intuitive controls that any email user can easily manage.

And thanks also to the sites who mentioned Finetuna for its great design. Inspiredology, Most Inspired, CSS Mania, CSS Vault, CSS Loaf and My3w.