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Email Marketing And The Arts In Ireland

I am in the middle of some research for a college project and wondered how many Arts Organisations in Ireland use email marketing regularly, namely newsletters? I know there has been lots of talk about ‘going online’ – advertising and promoting events on the web and encouraging participation by using Twitter and Facebook for example.

Like many other industries the arts have taken quite a drop in funding this year. Many projects have to be rethought in this current climate. Advertising and publication budgets have been cut so online is a great way to reach out and share the great work produced today by artists and organisations across the country.

So in an effort to get a bit more information on who is using email marketing in the sector I have created a small survey (5 questions only). Give it a go and maybe it will help you think about your present marketing activities while giving me some real life data for my research.

Many thanks in advance for taking the survey. I will keep you posted with the results. It should be really interesting.

Image thanks to liz_com1981 (cc)