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Dundalk Democrat writes a nice piece on

A great piece on Sheepstealer Clothing in this weeks Dundalk Democrat on page 5.

Dundalk Democrat - Sheepstealers GAA article

Marital strife leads to “top” idea.

By Tamara O’Connell

David Beckham is famous for combining sport with fashion, both on and off the pitch. But, it took a designer living in Louth to turn GAA sportswear into a style statement.

Alan O’Rourke has launched a new range of designer GAA clothing for fans who want to support their county team and look good too.

Some friendly rivalry between Alan and his wife, Mary inspired him to found the design company Sheepstealer Clothing.

Mary and Alan are from different counties and this has led to jerseys being banned in the house during the Sunday game.

In defiance, Alan decided to use his skills from his day job running Spoiltchild Design to create a limited edition T-shirt for Meath, his beloved Royal County.

Dedicated follower of fashion, Mary who is from Roscommon didn’t want to be outdone in the style stakes, so she insisted that Alan create a design for her county.

The shirts were a big hit with style conscious GAA fans.

“The requests were flooding in, so we decided we were on to something,” said Alan.

Encouraged by his success, Alan decided to redesign the support gear for every county in the country. The Louth range was added because Mary is pregnant and due to give birth in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in July.

The range now includes shirts, jackets, hoodys and bags. They are designed for men, women and children and come in a range of shapes, sizes and designs. The clothes are available online at Prices range from €22.99 to €44.99.

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